Bordom is fatal. (the imaginary world)

Many atimes,  people wallow in silence. Either reconnecting with their inner being or Fantasizing on many things. “fantasy is that which comes from ones imagination”. It is an imaginary world and creatures. I call it the abstract world.

This abstract world Could be polished in such a way that it suits the victim; a world of riches, life without suffering,  wealth without hardwork, success without effort and many more. The creation and handling of this world depends the victim’s projection. Is it nice mansions, beautiful wife and kids,  the best family and friends ever?  They all in there. We tend to make this world our own even with the knowledge that it doesn’t and can never exist. People drift into this world of fantasy while sitting or lying down even while walking. Some causes of this could be restlessness, idolness, regret.

Most times we regret not being able to achieve certain things within a period,  with sit in idolness thinking of what we could have achieved if not for certain misfortunes or failures or carelessness. We fill our abstract world with good pictures of success, wealth and happiness, picturing ourselves as someone else, trying to live the life of our idols and role models, forgetting none of them made it that far by dieng in silence, forgetting also that our present world is tougher and “all that glitters is not gold”. We spent hours, days in this world until it seems to become part of us, no day goes by without engaging in this moment of happiness.

One great effect and harm it does, is that it takes your precious time. Time spent can never be regained and it waits for no one.  Time meant for resourceful activity is burnt effortlessly, the victim’s of this sometimes finds it hard even to get up and eat.  Some get mad if ever distracted or disturb when in this world. Bordom could be a disease, but it’s more fatal. It’s destructive, it’s causes more harm than good.

The question could be, how do one get out of this? So many could have discovered they live in this world, while some doesn’t know yet. If you’re aware, the earlier, the better. If you are a victim, get busy with something, avoid being alone for a longer period, become creative, use your mind as a tool, write down your thoughts. It’s never too late to get out of it, just make the decision because this isn’t the real world, You get whatever you wish for, but it’s never real…

By Anyika Justin


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